Jacana Formally Receives CLA Tier 3 Cultivation License in Jamaica

Jacana is pleased to announce that it has formally received its Tier 3 cultivation license from the Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA). As a pioneering international medical cannabis company, the Tier 3 license is the highest license attainable for medical cannabis production and allows the company to cultivate on areas of land over 20,235 square metres as part of its ambitious expansion plans.

Jacana’s flagship farm is located in the heart of Jamaica and spans over 100 acres of prime agricultural land in what is likely one of the largest outdoor cannabis farms in the world. The license will enable Jacana to continue expanding production, with all cannabis grown in adherence with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) guidelines.

A world leader in the cultivation, development and distribution of sun-grown medical cannabis products, Jacana is committed to truly sustainable business, with a focus on natural, organic and ethical practices across all of its operations. The company is vertically integrated from plant to patient, with a focus on provenance, sustainability and R&D underpinned by its commitment to social impact and development.

The company is poised to play an important role in addressing the global shortage of medical grade cannabis through its adherence to internationally recognised GACP and EU GMP standards through the supply chain. Jacana possesses a unique product offering of sun-grown, provenance-based cannabis that provides an unparalleled brand and quality proposition for the medical market.

Alexandra Chong, CEO, said: “The Tier 3 is significant milestone for us in expanding our production this year and beyond in Jamaica. It allows us to compete on a global scale against even the largest LPs and is a testament to the hard work of our team on the ground, who have working closely with the CLA in achieving internationally recognised quality standards across our operations.” 

“We have a unique opportunity to tackle the key issues within medical cannabis that have plagued other industries in their ascent. From social quality and the use of chemicals to emissions and other environmental issues, we are focused on aligning the best economic, environmental and social practices to become a force for good in this industry.”